Faradisse High Sdn Bhd (FHSB) has the agility and flexibility to supply the appropriate resources within a constrained timescale thanks to a team that possesses experience and technical expertise with a wide range of major IT products & services. FHSB is fully devoted to offering the proper products and services in a sector that is fast-paced and extremely demanding. FHSB will also keep raising our service standards to guarantee the highest level of client satisfaction. FHSB has always been quite clear about its goal of giving every organization the ideal master plan for managing their data resources, first-rate IT infrastructure, and effective system application. In Malaysia, FHSB has established itself as one of the top system

integrator with an immaculate track record of delivering projects within the timeframe, budget and client’s needs. Faradisse High Sdn Bhd is constantly evolving with new players entering the market all the time. Incorporated in 2007, FHSB often strives to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, which can disrupt established markets and challenge established players. Through professional resources and services, FHSB enables customers to see their potential for success. The team of experts at FHSB has extensive expertise and experience in the field of IT services, particularly in system integration, networking, and full cycle application development. The highly skilled IT professionals at FHSB will be able to provide an economical, dependable, robust and most importantly tailored to your specific needs solution.

The goal of FHSB’s establishment was to concentrate on developing the complete IT solution. As a business, we have evolved from one that could only take on small, subsidised projects to one that can now take on a variety of projects. FHSB is registered and certified with all the relevant local & international bodies to ensure that all the solution offered are recognized and accepted.